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Tournament Day- Now What?

Congratulations! We knew this day would come. We have seen you grow into a fine young Jiu Juitero- give yourself a pat on the back. You have made it! Now what?

After successfully navigating the registration of said tournament, you need to prepare for the actual day. Well, lets help!

Weigh Ins-Most every tournament you will attend will have a weigh in day. Depending on the tournament, they will each have different weigh in days and different expectations. Please read expectations of each tournament you register for.

Uniform- Be clear on which division you are signed up form. Most tournaments will have No-Gi and Gi divisions. However, some tournaments will only have either or. Please make sure you are clear on which one you are signing up for.

Uniform expectations-

Gi- The big pajama suit. There are usually requirements regarding Gi, colors and patch placement. They will state this on their website. It is safe to say you will be ok with a Gi in the colors-black, blue and white. Length is also a priority. Anything above the wrist or on shin is questionable, have Professor Daniel double check the length of your Gi if you are unsure. Make sure there is no stitching coming loose, no patches half unsown.

NoGi- No Gi usually is a simple uniform. A fitted shirt with no pockets or holes and no shorts/spats with pockets or holes. If you are a child competing, we require that you have on a Silverback rashguard. This helps the coaches to see in the crowd of kids which students to look out for on the mats. If you do not have a rashguard, please order one through us. They usually take about 4 weeks to come in so make sure you do it with plenty of time. Shorts/spats can be whatever is most comfortable to you. Just please no buttcracks.

Belts-Only one rule, DONT FORGET YOUR BELT!

The actual day.

Tournament day is an exciting one, but they are a LONG DAY. You come in usually an hour before your first starting time, if you weigh in that morning, you will come in maybe an hour and half earlier, just to make sure you have plenty of time. You weigh in, get your competition card and you WAIT. If your starting time is at 9, you should be there no later than 815 to make sure you get through the line ok. You make it through the endless line and wait for your "staging time" Depending on the different tournaments they will have different processes so please make sure to read the guidelines, or simply ask us- its a lot easier for us to explain vs type out all the DIFFERENT types of tournament days. You are able to bring in drinks/food, they usually have concession stands. Once you or your child is competing, there should be a coach in the corner (if there is one available) we are pretty good at recognizing our own (also why school rashguards are necessary). If you guys have a disagreement or a question about a ref's ruling, please reach out to Daniel or another coach.

Etiquette- We get it, being a parent at tournament is hard. Trust us, BEING A COACH at a tournament is hard, when you want to beat a child for not listening, but you can't. Not really, but we know, we are parents also, so we get it. The best thing you can do for your child on tournament day is show them how you are proud of them for being so brave. Whether they win are lose, we must be proud. Now let's get into the expectations.

NO sore losers- We absolutely cannot and will not have sore losers. We show respect to our opponents, the other coaches and to the refs. We always shake hands after a match, and anything else will be seen as disrespectful. We build positive thinkers, and good sportsmanship so please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Parents-Please, unless you train yourself, allow the coaches to coach. With all the excitement, yelling and cheering is expected, but parents please no coaching. If your yelling moves over the coach, the coach will leave the seat. If possibly yell exactly what the coach is yelling, after all they are trained professionals :).

Athletes- We are not out here to murder our opponent. We are here for a fair and clean fight. We do not go out there with the intention to hurt or harm. This is especially true when the other opponent is being a wanker. That does not mean you get to match their energy. If there is an issue, please bring it to a coach's attention.

Last thing. Be proud. you did it! You impressed us, no-matter how the outcome.

YOU SHOULD BE PROUD. Plus, there literally is always next time! Just remember, relax, have fun and just do jiu-jitsu.

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