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Beginner- for the kids

Welcome! We are so glad to have you here! I hope all of this information is able to answer any questions you may have, if not do not hesitate to reach out.


I think this is an excellent place to start. If you like to set high expectations for your kids, you have come to the right place. That is a standard here at our gym. Not only on the mats but outside of the gym as well. We start these standards with our four and five your old class and continue it through our adult classes. We like to have fun, but we have a purpose and a responsibility to all of our members, to help cultivate decent human beings-who practice jiu jitsu :). Some of our expectations include.

Be on time to class, and if you must be late, you should hustle onto the mats.

Be prepared- whether that's bringing your appropriate uniform, the clothes you wear underneath your uniform, bringing your belt (knowing how to tie your belt) and always being ready and focused to learn.

Be respectful- to all coaches, not just Professor Daniel. Be respectful to your teammates, to your parents and to yourself.

Please let your children know that these are rules that are non-negotiable, if there is an issue we will give a warning, after that we will have the kid sit to the side and it will escalate from there.

The Flow of things.

We would have hopefully given you 2 things when you signed up, one being a check in number, and two, an invite to an app we use for all of our kids' announcements called Band. If you did not receive these things, please reach out. The check in number is to be used every class. Please have your child use the kiosk by the fridge to enter their number. This allows us to monitor their attendance which helps us while evaluating for promotions and belt striping. Every class has the same general flow. We normally start out the class with either a little warm up or some quiet time, depending on the student's behavior. After warming up Professor Daniel will teach a technique, followed with a partnered exercise to go over the technique that is taught for the day. After about 20 minutes of practice the students will go directly into live rolling. Live rolling is the part during class that consists of 2 people wrestling for either a submission or a dominant position. After live rolling that concludes class. All the kids will line up and will follow the line to shake the coaches' hands.

Some things you will hear.

There is a lot of jargon that is used in jiu jitsu, some necessary and some not so much.

here are just a few for example.

OSS- This is a general term in jiu jitsu that can be used pretty much anywhere. It can be for encouragement; it can be for understanding or can simply just be used as a "what's up."

Gi/No Gi - We operate with two uniform types. Gi (GHEE) consists of our robe type uniform- specifically made for jiu jitsu. No Gi is just that, usually more fitted, spandex type uniform shirts are usually called rash guards. We do sell both of these options and we equip you with everything that you need. They each feed into each other. They also each have separate rules when it comes to participating in a tournament.

Tap- This is used during training when two opponents are rolling or training with each other and one of the opponents has been caught in a bad position and is feeling pain. Please make sure to tell your kids that there is no shame in tapping. Please tap early and tap often. It not only saves their bones/joints/ligaments, but it creates a safer environment. You can't train if your injured and if you can't train, you can't learn.

Parents, this one is for you.

We are so thankful that you chose us. We promise to hold up our end of the deal and teach your kids to the best of our ability. You will soon find that our personality is also the topping on the cake. Between Professor Daniel and his fun sense of humor, to crystal's complete chaos and inability to spell :). But we are who we are, and you either love or hate us. We try our best to make this a fun learning environment for everyone. However, we do have one rule when it comes to the parents. No coaching. This includes cheering, engaging, yelling or directing kids from the sidelines. You brought your kids to learn from the coaches who have spent countless hours and minutes on the mats. Please allow them to do their jobs. We always encourage parents to come try a class :).


If you are here long enough you will hear of us talking about family. We spend so much time together, we might as well be one, right? We are always here for any concerns, questions, complaints or ideas you may have. Needing help with showing your kids repercussions? Grades slipping and they need time off? OR are they just struggling with things, we are here to help. We have ministry in our heart and youth is such an important part of our life so sometimes it takes a village. We can be just that. We are here to take care of each other!

We hope you find a comfy seat, because once you're here we have a feeling you won't leave!

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