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First timers. Adult version.

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Listen, deciding to join is the hardest part. We know. So, give yourself a pat on the back because you are here. You did it! Now let's get into the main jist of it.

What do I do now?

Well after signing up, we would have hopefully given you a log in number. That number will be used to check in at the start of every class. This check in process helps us, as well as helps you, to keep track of your attendance. Listen, if you don't show up consistently, we understand. Thats life. But this helps us know how long you have been coming, and how frequent. SO, when it comes time to promotions, we can check back and see that you've been attending regularly, and it may be time for a promotion.


We offer adult classes every night of the week. We even offer two afternoon classes, and one Saturday morning class. Now your membership includes unlimited access, so please come and enjoy every class, the more classes you attend, the more you learn, the less likely you are to get smothered in class. However, do not stress out about making every class, we promise you won't miss anything you can't learn later. The great thing about each class is everyone learns something new every class. As a beginner, we suggest slowly easing into it. You don't want to overwhelm not only your mind, but your body. If you couldn't tell from your free trial, this is a VERY physical sport. Most everyone that comes into the gym will have some part of their body be tender for a couple of days. If you outwork your body going ham the first week, chances are you are going to be hurting that next week and may have to take some time off. So don't push too hard the first couple of days. This is a great time to learn how your body responds, how hard you can push it and how long you need to recover. We promise we aren't going anywhere so take your time!


Well, if you couldn't tell by now, we have a uniform. It's called a Gi (GHEE), we also have a uniform that is not so formal, which is called No Gi. Our adult class offers 4 scheduled Gi nights and 3 No Gi nights. Now its fighter's choice, you can definitely choose to be a No Gi person, or a Gi person, its completely up to you. They all practice jiu jitsu and they each feed into each other. It's a personal preference mostly, or you can just be here for the jiu jitsu and love to train both.


So typically, class is run the same every night. Professor Daniel begins the adult class with a warmup. Depending on his mood for the day, depends on the severity of the warmups. After warming up, begins the technique of the day. Time spent on this depends on how easily the class is able to pick up on the technique that is taught. You will partner up and work on the technique for about 30 minutes. This is a great time to ask questions, slack off or work on something you've seen on you tube. After Professor Daniel feels you've gotten the essentials down, class will move into the "Rolling Rounds". Essentially this is about 30-45 minutes of the fun stuff. You will try not to die for 30 minutes of live grappling. We like to pride in the members we have at the gym. They all understand that they once were beginners, and they are all still learning new things every day. It's the black belts you really should worry about. So, if you're feeling feisty maybe call out one of them. After live rolling, everyone is lined up, announcements are made, and you go through the line of shaking everyone's hand and offering up the respect you all just earned from working hard and improving yourself that much more than when you walked into class.

Things you should know.

Remember we don't judge, we learn, we laugh, and we love. We are all here to be better than yesterday so come with that expectation in mind.

Cleanliness is also our TOP priority, so it should also be yours. Nobody likes to roll around with the smelly person, or the person with long nails, or hair not tied up. Also, nobody definitely likes to roll with someone who has a questionable rash. We know these things happen and they are normal and there is no shame, however there is no room for ringworm, MRSA or Staph, so keep it at home or until cleared by a doctor.

Respect. Make sure you not only respect your team mates, and your professor, but yourself. This is a learning process for everyone. So ask questions, be open minded and dont be upset when there is constructive critism. We are here to help you learn jiu jitsu!

Last thing!

Last thing-we are always open to hear your thoughts, your concerns and your worries. We don't have a degree in counseling, but we are your friend. We are always willing to help you in any way we can. So don't be afraid to stop by the desk, shoot us a message or text with ANY issues you may have!

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