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Are you a competitor too?

We are a competition school. We believe in encouraging our students to compete. Competing regularly has so many positive benefits that expand far beyond wins and losses of a match. Now with that said, we do not mandate that any student compete, it does not affect promotions or student growth inside the gym. We promote it, we encourage it, we only slightly nag on you if you don't. Now you make say, "I'm joining the gym to learn, in no way, shape or form am I a competitor." Well, don't count yourself out, you may not be a competitor, yet! When a student competes regularly, they gain traits that may not be present inside of everyday training. Sometimes it may take only one time and your hooked. Sometimes just going to watch your teammates is enough excitement for you, and that is

A-OK. It is not for everyone; we just hope you give it at least one shot before you count yourself out.

Imagine stepping on the mat in front of a judge and your peers, being tested by your opponent. The cheer of your family and friends. The roars of the crowd from across the other side, cheering on another match. You stand their looking your opponent in the eye, sizing them up. Your heartbeat pounding in your chest, knees weak, palms sweaty-moms spaghetti. It sounds thrilling, doesn't it? It can be a little intimidating at first, but in reality, most students thrive in this situation. You are forced to slow down your thinking, control your movement under pressure, and attempt to think two steps ahead of your opponent. Your placed in a situation when you can either be your own victor, or villain. Sometimes you come away with 3 gold medals, and sometimes you come away with nothing but the free shirt from registration. All of it is progress, in some form or another. You placed a bet on yourself, and you won either way. You grew an inch or two just by putting yourself out there, and that is something nobody else can take away. Competitions help build up losers and help humble winners. Either way, you're a winner in our eyes ;).

How will I know when I am ready- you may ask? Simply ask, coach am I ready- We promise he will never steer you wrong. Each student progresses differently. Each path is their own, coach will know if it is your time.

When and where? We usually post the tournaments that are coming up soon and the ones the school will be interested in. They occur throughout the year and are located all over the country. Weve gone to California-Florida with a tournament, but normally we stay pretty local, Lubbock, Amarillo, ABQ, Dallas.

Do I always have to compete with the gym? - Absolutely not, you can compete anywhere you would like, but double check with coach in case you need a special signature.

It can all be a lot, at first. We promise we will never leave you hanging. Our goal is always for our students to exceed, and that is what we will help you to do, competitions or not.

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